Monday, March 14, 2011

The Story of Sunday Brocantes

Sometimes it's just a little thing that you were looking for to make it feel more like home!

The story of Sunday Brocantes....

Let's just say I was hooked at a very young age--for the love of 'found' things.  Around the age of 7 or 8 I could be found rummaging carefully looking through the basement at my grandmother's one hundred year old Victorian home in Schnectady, New York.  The basement itself was a scary magical place; dark, musty, cob-webby.....with the only light being a bare bulb fixture dangling from a low beam.  But oh! What treasures!  Old hat boxes filled with odds and ends, old vases and planters, scraps of fabric, small tin containers full of buttons....I would disappear down there for hours before being called to come upstairs for lunch.  I would always find something to sneak into a pocket ask for to take back home; a tiny treasure, an odd little thing to love.

Years later--this love college as an art major I was drawn towards three-dimensional design, particularly sculptural pieces created with found-objects.  I once created a piece with a section of a baby's rocking chair, a pointy stiletto, a discarded piece of leopard print fabric and a string of pearls...and loads of glitter as I recall. After I submitted it and received my grade that semester I lost track of it.  Imagine my surprise to see my found-object creation hanging in another student's living room a few years later after I graduated!  Does that make me famous?.....even a little??

As a grown-up bigger kid--I followed my husband (aka 'French Guy') into the antique business...selling period and vintage French furnishings and decor items in the United States.

Now here I am--living with ma famille in France!  I am a writer, a cook, a photographer and an artist dreamer....Still in love with finding things at little flea markets and brocantes to fill my home and enrich my life....pieces that make me appreciate worn and loved beauty and function, objects that have a story....and I am very excited to share them with you!