Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Provencal Wicker Berceau....

Oh my!  How do you say 'fabulous' in French?! ---  Fabuleux!---  So, as promised...this was my favorite find last week in Trouville.  It was well camouflaged, filled with stuff...the stand caught my eye first and I asked the woman who appeared to be the seller if I could remove the contents to take a closer look....she was so friendly and was assisted by her 'tres jolie' teenage daughter who she confessed had used the berceau as a baby.  They were so kind that I took the liberty of giving the basket an stand a nudge to see if it was stable....it was.  The wicker itself solid and sturdy!  J' adore!

It took me a few days to photograph it, and I have just now this morning posted it on Etsy......

I think it belongs in a decor magazine....filled with French linens in a 'tres-chic' farmhouse laundry room!  I can also imagine it filled with baguettes in a boulangerie!  Can't wait to see what kind of home it finds....a new life after many years of holding precious bebes on a tiled patio or hanging from a shaded tree in the hills of Provence......   Fabuleux!  Non?


  1. I just found you through Kim's blog and am so glad I did!
    My husband and I are coming to France soon for five weeks and a good part of our trip will be in Normandy and Brittany; although we were in Normandy a few years ago, we had no car so were pretty much only in the Bayeux area. It is so wonderful to read about some of the little towns on your blog and see the pictures - now I have a better idea of what we will have in store for us.
    You are lucky to live in such a wonderful place!

  2. Stay in touch Jillayne--I am still discovering some great little places worth visiting! In my immediate area, Deauville and Honfleur are a must visit--but there are some off the path little towns too!

    Thanks for your comment! Keep me posted on your trip so I can share insiders tips!


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