Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Blonville Sur Mer

I have already warned you in advance that it was another Saturday brocante day -- because of Easter Sunday, and what a glorious day it was!  Sunny, breezy, perfection!  The beaches were packed as were all the roads around where we live! It was a major tourist weekend!

Blonville-Sur-Mer is a 'beach-town' and it was tough not to abandon the idea of brocante-ing all together in lieu of grabbing the towel and flip-flops and hitting the sand!

But the sale beckoned with over 200 expos and miles of everything you could think of...

or not think of as was the case with this crate of naked Barbies -- but it made me smile!

The vendors ranged from professional to the attic-cleaner-out types... but everyone there had a wondeful attitude, maybe in was the sunshine!  I actually got a bit of color to my pale Normandy pallor!

Even 'Petite Fille' who normally naps through the adventure was wide awake and smiley! It's hard to describe how light hearted the morning was... maybe it was the ease of bargaining or the cheerful conversation.. or maybe it was the moment when the guitar vendor with this 'hippie' van set up with dozens of instruments for sale, spontaneously broke into 'Horse with No Name' on his guitar upon over-hearing that I was American! Smiles everywhere--let me tell ya!

Could it have been that it was the day before Easter and that the creek that ran along the pathway of the sale was full of ducks with babies!?

Sooooo adorable!  So Printemp!

Easter baskets?

Wonderful enamel kitchenwares!

Favorite finds of the day?  An unusual garden ornament with great chipped paint and pretty curls of iron...

Or the sparkling clear demijohn? (Already sold!) Or was it the antique biscuit tin or the perfectly rusty folding salad basket!  Too tough to chose just one favorite!

So instead I leave you with a few 'tourist pictures'!  If you are a beachy-gal like me, plan a stop to Blonville-Sur-Mer....the next time you are in my neighborhood!

A few sundries for your beach day?

Have a great week mes amis!  
We are on Spring Break!... 
For TWO weeks!  ....  I plan to spend some of it with sand between my toes!