Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Tourgéville

A tiny faux pas for my Sunday brocante-ing in Tourgéville......which was actually a 'foire a tout' which means literally 'fair has everything'....my camera battery died.  Quelle dommage!  I only took 2 photos!

The fair was at a school yard and 230 participants were listed for this 11th annual sale.  Really, there is everything you can imagine.  Locals clean out attics and basements, sheds and garages.  It's such a mix of things that it takes patience and a careful eye to find the good stuff.  In the midst of the acres of vendors there is also the few professional brocanteurs, who have the precious and sought out items like linens and pottery...so again, the budget went quickly and I think we were in and out in an hour. Belle-mère came with us (she is the expert negotiator and has a great eye for what I want for the shop!) and my 'petite fille' who turned 3 months on Sunday was with us (bien sur!) and she was not in the mood for brocante-ing despite the beautiful sunshine, cool breeze and miles and miles of goodies.....
My favorite find of the day?  A tiny pair of 'lapins'...aka bunny salt and pepper shakers.  Why?  Must be the spring time appeal.  The weather here in Normandy has been nothing short of glorious for the past two weeks.

This coming weekend--2 big brocantes very close by--On Saturday in Trouville and on Sunday, Touque, so it will be a busy weekend and maybe some great finds!  Looking for something fabulously French?  Send me a note!  I would love to look!

Until then....Bonne semaine!