Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Blangy-le-Château

This Sunday ... Oui! Dimanche!... (aka US-Mother's Day!) a venture to a brocante in Blangy...  Blangy le Château is a "typical Normandy village with a full range of local shops including baker, butcher and pharmacy.13kms away is the town of Lisieu".... just under 30 minutes from home.

Mom and Dad, who are on the last few days of their visit (sniff, sniff...) were with us ... and we were all having a fabulous Mother's Day!

Although billed as a 'brocante' the sale was closer to a 'foire a tout' and to be honest in the beginning I was a bit dismayed and thinking that it might be the first brocante that I returned home empty handed!  As charming as the town was I was just not feeling it!

Until -- I (actually Mom!) spotted a small brocante shop named 'La Vie a la Campagne' across the road from the brocante tables.... and

Antique bird cage!  Old --- mid 19th century old!  J'adore!  I was in-love!!!  (all scouting points go to my Mom!  Bravo!)  The shop was wonderful too! 

'Madame la brocanteuse' has a very, very, excellent eye and the displays were gorgeous!
So the day was saved!  Not that it was bad in anyway before that --- gorgeous sunny day, pretty town....having Mom with me!  But finding my favorite things -- the crispy topping on the creme brulee!

Favorite finds?  The bird cage--bien sur! ... a cute wicker vintage dog-bed!  .... a sweet book ... and yes, yet another demijohn to add to the collection -- I cannot resist!

Hope you all had a delightful Mother's Day!  
Wishing you an equally wonderful week!  A bientot!