Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Saint-Étienne-la Thilaye

Sunday morning dawned with high winds and cloudy skies.  I sat in bed with my coffee cup and contemplated whether or not venturing out to a countryside 'vide grenier' was a wise idea.  A few clouds, not a problem, a smattering of worries, but the high winds?  High winds and 'Petite-Fille' who just turned 4 months old in her little stroller (albeit a 'cross-country' style) standing in the rain and sifting through tables of stuff.....not a good combination..... I kicked the scenario around in my head as I watched out the window.  Would it pass or would it get worse?  An hour later....the answer was still not definite and I kept thinking it would be a nice Sunday to stay inside, cook something comforting and maybe catch up on some other writing projects....I even had a rainy-day back-up blog entry to post just in case.....Mais, non!  The wind settled and the sun came out!  This is Normandy -- is it not?!

So off to Saint-Étienne-la Thilaye, about 30 minutes away. Again, a big sale in a big field, behind a church in a small town known for.....drum roll please....(and this I did not know!)  

The famous 'Maison Sophie'!

Trés Jolie! Oui?  And in fact, the maison was part of the 'vide-grenier'.  The maison is/was owned by Sophie Dudemaine, who is the FRENCH--Martha Stewart!  The reason I say 'is/was' is because Madame Dudemaine is retiring from running the maison as a 'bed and breakfast' and has moved on (recently it would seem) to focus on her cookbooks, magazine and TV shows.....sound familiar?

So across the street from the countryside town vide-grenier was the very impressive 'yard-sale' for Maison Sophie....and without even knowing it or who she is/was, I purchased a few decorative items--pour moi!

Had I known, (being a complete fanatic for 'Martha Stewarts' in any culture!)  I would have stalked her looked around for her, to get her autograph--or signed copy of one of her wonderful cake-books!  Instead I did inadvertently get a picture of her ........ dogs.

Such a close brush with fame......Quelle dommage!
So onto the big sale..... again; big sale, in a big field... still with me?

The best part was this amazing, funny and very amusing band that greeted us as we arrived!

Big band, funk meets jazz, marching band, rap..... so fun!

And to think -- I could have stayed in bed with my cup of coffee!  And miss all this!?!

Favorite finds?  "Petit Cochon' saucisson server, a few great wicker basket trays, three huge apothecary bottles and some amazing vintage Gien 'Fish Plates'......look for them in the shop this week!

Have a great week!  Hope your Sunday was sunny too!
A bientot!