Friday, June 24, 2011

Give-Away Time! -- Un Petit Concours!

I was shopping at a 'puce' in Deauville with Belle Niece when I learned that 'kitchy' in English is also 'kitchy' in French.  She was shaking her head at a display of  brightly painted pottery.  The Urban Dictionary describes the term as 'something that is really tacky...yet cool."  Occasionally something completely out of my 'norm' strikes my eye--and so it was with Madame & Monsieur Kitchy.

But they need better names than that--and maybe even a new home---where they will be appreciated and loved.... so voilĂ !    A Give-Away contest....pour vous!

Here it is!
  1. Give a name to Madame and Monsieur and post it here on this blog entry below to be entered in contest.
  2. Go to Sunday Brocantes on Facebook (here!) and click 'like' to become a fan--or if you already have, leave a comment on the contest post that appears on Facebook to be entered a SECOND time.
  3. Share the link to the contest by posting on your page or blog and be entered a THIRD time..... 
What do I win?!?--you ask?  Your choice of becoming the new proud owner (guardian?) of Madame and Monsieur---OR if they happen not to exactly match your decor .... a $20 that's TWENTY-bucks--discount or gift-code to be used at Sunday Brocantes on Etsy!  Now--please read the small print!

A random drawing will be made from all entries received.  A few rules:  if you live with me and are in my family--you cannot enter, sorry 'French Guy'.  The $20 discount can be used on any item that is over $20 and currently listed during the time of the contest and after award of prize in my shop on Etsy.  The contest begins today, 24th of June and goes until the last day of June at midnight--PST.  Winner will posted on this blog and then notified by email.  If you decide that you adore Madame and Monsieur--standard shipping to US destinations is included.  If you chose an item from my shop--shipping costs are as described in listing.  I think that's it!  Oh, and if I totally screw this up and it is way too complicated I am so completely not responsible--hey, it's my first contest!