Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kitchen Baguette Baskets

My twelve year old son asked for a baguette the other day.... an entire baguette.... all for himself.  He was not sharing.  I guess you could say that he has acclimated to life in France very well.  

Think of baguettes and think of France; visions of baguettes tucked under the arm or sticking-up from rattan market baskets go hand-in-hand with images of the Eiffel Tower and Parisiene street signs.  But not only in Paris--all over France baguettes are the national food of the country, eating them is a daily occurance and baking them is a precise (and government regulated) art!

Which brings me to my newest brocante-hunt obsession interest. Baguette baskets!  Not your standard bread-service type wicker table basket--but the tall, charming and very functional standing basket that graces the corner of a traditional French family kitchen to store the daily baguette or baguettes!  There is always one for lunch, one for dinner and enough left over for 'tartine' for breakfast.  The French would not dream of tearing the long loaf in half, (non-non! quelle dommage!) and jamming into a basket (although they have no aversions to biting the ends off during the walk home from the boulangerie), so of course a tall, upright, container is needed.  Sometimes a tall wood bin is used with a hinged lid and sometimes a long cotton tote is hung from a door knob--but it is the wicker, rattan or bamboo style that I adore!

I have found only two so far!  As many things do in French homes, items like this are kept for generations so it's not common to find vintage ones in brocantes and 'puces'.  Maybe that's why I love them so much!

So here's to my latest 'treasure hunt'!  The fabulous one in the pictures with the orange liner is most likely from the 1940's -50's...... tres jolie! The other, the handsomely gorgeous wicker one sold only a few days after I posted it on Sunday Brocantes.....

When I took a survey about where most people stored their baguettes, the common consensus was that most of the time the loaf if it lasts long enough to be served at a meal and not eaten before, is never around long enough to be stored! 

But if you do have the unusual gift of restraint and are seeking an authentic French baguette storage solution--keep an eye on my shop!  You may---possibly---find one there!

A bientot mes amis!.....and bon appetit!