Saturday, June 4, 2011

Puce de Deauville

We are on day four of a FIVE day holiday weekend--and on the last day of the 'Puce de Deauville'....which means tomorrow, Sunday, there will be no brocante pour moi!  But then, I did go to the 'puce' TWO times, once on opening day, Thursday, and again today, Saturday... so I suppose it would be practically sinful to go to yet another brocante or sale tomorrow!

Mais.....not that I have had enough, bien sur!  But I have made up for the fact that last weekend I took time-off from brocante-ing because number one---my family needed me, and number two--sales are slow at the Etsy shop and I am not feeling frantic to stock up on things and oui! we all need a break sometimes.

The 'Puce de Deauville' is held in Deauville/Toque at the Hippodrome (you know that place where the 'hippos' race?)  It is the hometown of my cher-in-laws and positively gorgeously-fabulous in a kind of lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous-beach-resort-weekenders-from-Paris way.....  (Read my previous entry about Deauville for the list of fine luxury retailers that line the streets there. Oh the bygone days of limitless, high interest credit cards!)

This 'puce' is extremely well orgainized, consists of just under 100 "pros"--and I mean PROS.... it's put on by the Lions Club of Deauville and proceeds from the space rentals goes towards funding for the handicapped and canine assistance programs---love that!  (I love supporting vendors who support even in small way good causes!)  The best thing to do is just go straight to the pictures.....

On Thursday I went soley to scope out the goods!  I did not bring my camera and in the first twenty minutes I was in painful remorse of not having it with me.....everything was amazing!  So I shopped a little....prices were high and we had brought my middle-guy with us, who at 7 years old was quite sure that there must be some Transformers somewhere in the lovely displays of antiques! 

There wasn't.....but there were some pretty fab vintage toys!

....And some even more amazing assortments of things that I could have easily filled up the trunk of my car with!  The weather has been so glorious--and it was on both days!  Sunny, 70 ish....could not have been better!  I took so many pictures!

Favorite finds?  A zinc pitcher ready for fresh cut stems, a big basket for baguettes, an antique jumping-rope, and another beautiful 'wasp catcher'---look for them soon!

Hope you are enjoying an equally wonderful weekend!  A bientot!