Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Equemauville

The weather has been postively crazy for the last few days so it was really up in the air what we might do today -- and it was Father's Day, so I wanted to make sure that my sweet spouse and father of my 'trois enfants' was on board with going to a Sunday brocante.  So I worked out a deal with the sun, that it should at least shine for the first half of the day, and I wore down the French Guy with homemade Father's Day cards and breakfast in bed....and he then agreed to go to a 'vide grenier' in close-by Equemauville. 

Equemauville is right between our house and my favorite town of Honfleur.  The sale was in a field in a little 'burby' feeling 'hood.  (Yes, there are neighborhoods of identical track homes, even here in France.)  There were 190 vendors registered and there were actually a good hand-full of brocanters mixed in with the garage sale types....and although it was really windy--the sun was shining. (as agreed.)

 ... and my 'friend' was there.  The guy in the picture?  We have run into him so many times at brocantes that I should know his name by now.  I don't, but I did get the nerve to ask for his picture, ask French Guy to ask him if I could take his picture....and he claimed to be Johnny Hallyday.....less 20 years...  So, my friend 'Johnny'  always plays something American when he sees us strolling by---first time was 'A Horse with No Name' by America....and other times it has been a tune by Crosby, Stills and Nash...or Neil Young.  He sits there strumming on his guitar with a few things set on a table to sell, and a van full of guitars....always playing something...always smiling.

So I would have been happy enough with the day -- but then I saw it!  Between the lines of tables, cars and vans....I said to French Guy--"Hold on! Is that a wicker birdcage over there?"....and he said, "Yes! Vas-y, vas-y, vas-y!"--and with that I dumped my goods, and dashed through the aisle to the next row--and put my hand on the most gorgeous wicker birdcage!  I took a quick look and waited for French Guy to catch up to assist with the negotiation and for a second I set the cage down---no sooner than to feel the hot breath of two madames standing right behind me--you see the rule is, if you have your hand on it, no one else can snag it until you turn away...and I had no intention of walking away--but these ladies were waiting to call 'Foul!!"--as soon as I moved my hand.  So I picked it up again--and long story short--walked away!   --- With the cage!

 I love it!  .... (Sorry ladies behind me who were just seconds too late to snag this beauty! I feel just terrible that you missed-out! ....but not too terrible.)  The man selling it was absolutely charming and told us a story or two about it--he also offered for us to look around on his table saying, 'Because after all I have many things that are free.' (Probably because I just paid big-bucks for the bird cage!)... and he snuck in a few funny things as 'gifts' inside the cage.....

And that was it---then we went home with my favorite things; the bird cage, some white-enamel items, and a gigantic basket.  Back home to have lunch, enjoy Father's Day and of course watch the rain... because it began as soon as we got back home--just as promised.

Hope you had a very special Father's Day!  A bientot!