Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Brocantes -- Deauville

Okay, yes, ....not Sunday.  I went to a brocante yesterday, Saturday in Deauville---for two very important reasons--
  1. Today -- Sunday, I was having my 'cher' mother and father in law over for lunch...a delayed Father's Day celebration, and I needed to wake-up and begin cooking by 9 --not so bad, except that I really didn't get myself together and start until 11:30... but it was fine.  It worked out.
  2. Ah yes, reason #2 -- embarrassing.  Somehow on my calendar, I thought there was a huge 'vide grenier' in Honfleur yesterday, but it was today.... so we packed up 'les enfants' and went to Honfleur, only 10 minutes away, thankfully --- and I got the WRONG day.....quelle dommage!  
So-- there you go!  Never one to entirely miss out on a decent brocante --we went to Deauville....

and of course it was splendid and gorgeous and picture perfect and ..... expensive!  So I came home with only two (deux!) cher items!  But good ones!
And so instead, today, Sunday -- I cooked for my dear Father in law-- (and family bien sur!) There was champagne, saucisson and olives, seafood (fruit de mer) crepes, fennel salad with shaved parmesian, a cheese plate, vanilla custard and fresh fruit ... oh, and did I mention it was over 100 degrees at our house in Normandy??? Oh yeah -- H-O-T. 

(And as I write this on SUNDAY night -- it is a cool 80 degrees at 11 pm -- whew!)

So today was all about cooking and staying home and keeping my five month old, who isn't entirely keen on heat, cool and happy.  I have been doing some editing work on pictures I shot of my 'belle niece' on my very HOT lap-top--I am doing some 'practice shots' of her and her fabulous amour--to get ready to shoot their wedding this fall.

So a few more pics of the fabulous brocante in Deauville and I will leave it at that because I have written about Deauville a few times previously ....

I am intrigued by these wonderful 'baigneuses' --bathers.  I think they are only found (the authentic vintage ones) in Normandy (1930's Trouville/Deauville) and I adore them!

And my favorite finds (because there are only TWO this week!):

A lovely black wire bicycle basket.....

Two antique tins ... tres beau!!  Non?  I love them!

Have a fabulous week!  Don't forget the Give-Away (previous post)....only a few more days....the prize is $20 off any item at Sunday Brocantes! (Ooh la la!) But you have to follow the instructions on how to enter precisely... (sort of) to win!
....bonne chance!  A bientot!