Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Honfleur....or not.

I was pretty sure I was losing my mind.... but I wasn't. (Thank God!) ... and I have proof.  This past weekend I passed-up what looked to be a great sale in Trouville on Saturday, in lieu of making plans to go to another sale in Honfleur on Sunday, which on this particular weekend was a much less busy day for us.  We actually did drive by the one on Saturday... and I drooled a little bit from my vantage point inside the car, but no, I passed.  We needed to get home to the 'garcons' and Petite Fille needed a nap.

So on Sunday, bright and early (which for us is around 10 AM by the time we get up, have COFFEE, breakfast for everyone and organized and loaded into the car, etc) Off we went to Honfleur to a sale that was scheduled to have 80 vendors.  Again, I will not gush and muse about my favorite town, Honfleur..... I will just say, I love it, it makes me happy.... most of the time.

We arrive at the designated location, the parking lot of the 'NaturoSpace' museum at the edge of town, and that old familiar feeling (the 'Am I losing my mind!?!' feeling) began in the pit of my stomach..... because......there.... was..... no brocante!!!  Now--did ya read the post from last Sunday? Do you remember that I had written the wrong day on my agenda and we showed up to find no brocante?!  Well three words for you --  Deja vu!  Oh, two words. What is going on? It was right there in my 'Calendrier Brocantes' book!  

Of course I had left my book at home and you can bet upon returning home I grabbed it to double check and thankfully (because I needed to know that I wasn't losing my mind) there it was---in black and white! 

"Dimanche, 3 Juillet; Honfleur-Foire a tout, brocante,collections, 19 e annee, 80 exp, Parking NaturoSpace."

I was right, the book was wrong!  We even called the info. number listed there and it rang, and rang, and rang.........

Well, there is indeed a happy little ending to this brocante-ing adventure or missed-adventure. (Aside from the confirmation that my sanity was still in tact.) There was a small brocante sale in the church yard at St. Catherines, also in Honfleur, so all was not lost.  It was small, with the familiar 'pros' and yes again--pricey, pricey, pricey.....so I bought ONE thing--- a trivet.  Yep..... a trivet.  A pretty little shabby, chippy iron trivet.

I suppose it could have been worse though. I could have come home with one of these guys....

I hope you all had a truly wonderful 4th of July!  This ex-pat dearly missed the friends, family and fireworks!   
A bientot!  Have a 'bonne semaine!"