Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunny Normandy!

I am happy to report that the sun has returned to Normandy!  I was really starting to wonder if I could ever make it out sans-wetsuit to another weekend sale! 

I must say I was skeptical of the little sun and cloud icon on Google Weather...To go to a large vide grenier in Blonville Sur Mer this weekend, I donned the outdoor-gal-sporty-spice-attire.......shorts, t-shirt, jacket, hat and water resistant running shoes, oh, and bien sur!  Waterproof  mascara! By the time I was dressed, had some coffee and got Petite Fille ready and packed for the adventure, the sun was just peeking out between the looked promising, and it was!

Desperate to completely focus on buying and not wanting to risk the distraction (and possible drenching!) of my camera--I went without it....and besides I had been to Blonville (about 15 minutes from home on the other side of Deauville) before and taken loads of pictures--so you will just have to go back and look for that entry, or just trust me on that fact that it truly was partially sunny, very crowded, and there were some great things there! 

Even aside from the sun and lack of levy-busting rain showers, I had such a tres-fabulous weekend that I think I am still glowing a little (and yawing a lot!) Soooo good, that I think I need a weekend to get over the weekend!  Not even one teensy complaint about that!  It happens to the best of us, right!?

Just starting to snap pictures of the treasures I found!  Take a look! And have a very, very wonderful week mes amis!