Sunday, July 17, 2011

When it rains.....

Oh mes amis!  Please no-one say I am jinxed!  Wrong dates, missed brocantes, inaccurate location listings, and bad turn-out---and now this!  R-A-I-N......not rain, or RAIN.....R-A-I-N!

That's.......rainfall, shower, precipitation, wet weather, deluge, downpour, torrent, driving rain, monsoon, pouring rain, damp day,cat-and-dog weather, mizzle ('mizzle'???)

Now before you all start throwing wads of balled-up paper at me-with boos and hisses---I tried, I really tried!  We drove an hour to Saint Aubin Sur Mer--where there was a 'Foire aux Grenier' with 340 participants---the largest sale so far!  When we left home it was drizzling...or mizzling....take your pick, but we expected that as we progressed the weather would improve.....wrong.

We drove through beautiful (albeit WET) countryside, all optimistic and cheery......we high-fived at our excellent parking spot (still wizzling at this point) we donned our rain jackets, grabbed our umbrellas, covered Petite Fille's stroller with a spare blanket....and ........

My guess is that there was 30 vendors still standing (ie--not yet blown away). The wind gaffawed at our umbrellas, the rain snickered at our lame attempts to stay dry--we got SOAKED in seconds, my umbrella was inside out from the wind, French Guy had a strong hold on the stroller just in case it took flight....

I purchased one item before he said "THIS IS NUTS! Let's get out of here!"  and a few choice 'French' words after that (which I can't write here--because, yes, my mom reads this blog!)

That's it--there was soon a mass exodus of the vendors was before 12 noon and it was over---kaput, done.... fini! 

There you to prove it.....I will not say one word about my plans for next weekend...I will take no chances.  I do promise however that I will be exploring 'plan B' options this week; there is a new small brocante shop that I want to go to about 15 minutes from home, I peeked in the window and the displays were very cute; some enamel, a bottle rack, a I will let you know.

Have a great week mes amis....and a big wet nod to my Pacific Northwest amis---I feel your pain!
(.....sort least today.)