Thursday, August 25, 2011

Enfin! Trois Brocantes......

So finally -- the finish of the 'Trois Brocantes' weekend -- literally on the way home from the very special and nostalgic 'secret sale' we stopped in Villerville ... just a few minutes from our home.  Yes, I could walk there, or bike there... or if the tide is up ---surf there....kinda.  Okay, not really.

It was a good spread of serious brocante-ware and seasonal basement/garage cleaners.....  But it was dimmed by the previous unexpected 'glow' that we felt wandering around Saint Joseph's.  I mean really--who or what can compete with stained glass, hallowed halls and kind 'Sisters' selling century-old canning jars....??

This little guy with this raspy-very-old-doggie bark, made me pause to take his picture.  He was sending out an 'SOS' bark for his was 12 noon as noted by the church-bells....time for 'dejeuner' bien sur!

The tiny streets of Villerville were jam-packed nonetheless.  We walked all around, knowing that we too, were on a tight time-crunch to get home and make Sunday lunch!

So we power-walked through it and not seeing anything extraordinary or anything that compelled--"Buy me for your French vintage Etsy shop!".... I relented to taking a few pictures and marching my weary-self home!

Do I look tired?  Petite Fille refused  the stroller-ride and I was carrying all 7 lovely, sweet, gorgeous, precious kilos of her all over town.......

C'est tout mes amis!  It was fun!  A bon, bon weekend!  I am almost caught up now!  It's been a very busy week at Sunday Brocantes and items are flying off (or shipping off!) to Japan, Australia, New York and Florida this week, to name a few.....  in less than two weeks 'les garcons' go back to school--and as I love to say-- "Ooh la la!  What ever will I do with all of that EXTRA time?!"

I think I know! ... and I think you do too!!

Bon weekend!  A few great sales this weekend-- stay tuned  ... 
and as always --J'adore your comments! xx!