Monday, August 8, 2011

La Petite Pendule -- Amour! still my heart! I should be posting all about the 'foire a tout' that I went to yesterday in Deauville.... but I am so distracted by this little beauty!  Isn't she gorgeous!?  A sweet surprise 'cadeau' from French Guy!  I spotted it on a table of goodies and our conversation about it started like this:

Moi -- 'Take a look at this gorgeous little clock.... it's not for me (ie. Sunday Brocantes)...I just want to show it to you because it is amazing!'

Which translates to.... "Come-over-here-right-now-and-look-at-this-sweet-thing-that-I-adore-and-if-you-really-really-love-me-you-will-love-it-too-and-maybe-even-consider-buying-it-for-me-even-though-it-is-a-bit-expensive-and-it-is-not-my-birthday-or-our-anniversary-or-anything-like-that-but-I-do-love-it -and ....."

The clock was being sold by a British couple and I have to say that some of my instant adoration of the little 'pendule' came from the fact that this lovely couple could speak English!  We both spent a few minutes admiring the little clock which is so dainty yet stocky... like someone else I know.... (Petite Fille?!...can I say that?  I am her 'maman' after-all!) We set the little beauty down (now I am talking about the clock! Come-on stick with me on this!) As we were walking away the Broncanteur-Anglais called out a price for it reducing 10 euro from the tagged price....I smiled and said "We have to think about it....." And I did--for the next hour and a half as we walked around....

It was a good and breezy for August, Petite Fille napped in her stroller giving us peaceful and focused time to look....

All sorts of good things, too!

For Sunday Brocantes I found a really wonderful wooden garden basket.  I also snagged two fabulous vintage rolling pins..... and a little shelf ready to be 'shabbied-up' with my can of new fresh-grey paint I just got!

So what happened with the little clock, vous demandez?  Well we left the sale, went back to chere-Mother in law's house to drop her off and have an 'aperitif' (pink bubbly -- bien sur!) and as we got in the car to go back home, French guy landed a tissue-wrapped surprise on my lap!  La Petite Pendule!  Ooh la la!  I am in love!  .... Big points, French Guy!  Be still my heart.......

Oh and by the way--this little clock was meant for me!  She runs just about 30 minutes fast....which is fabulous because these days I run about 30 minutes slow!  ~ ~ PARFAIT~ ~ !

Bonne semmaine mes amis!