Saturday, August 13, 2011

My French Farmhouse

Long before I ever dreamed I might be living in France, I was living in a 'French' farmhouse.  Actually, it was a Pacific Northwest farmhouse located on Bainbridge Island, Washington, just a stone's-throw across the sound from Seattle.  Just over 100 years old, (young by French standards!) on about 2 acres and surrounded by huge old trees and a dozen fruit trees...we lived in it for only a year but it is one of the homes in my life that is deeply branded on my heart.

 Pacific Northwest? Not French?...say you?  Well, it had a French soul because it was filled with French goodies.......vintage and antique collected over the years...Items from the early eighteenth century to present....chosen and placed in our sweet, slightly falling apart, and very loved little farmhouse.

I am blogging about it because: 1. It is very rainy today in Normandy and I would not be out at brocante even if there was a really good one, which there isn't....(It's tomorrow--don't fret!) and 2. I have been forced down this nostalgic path of thinking about this home due to a recent request via Sunday Brocantes-Facebook to post pictures of the stairs I painted and put words on ...... oh, and when I say 'forced' I mean it in the nicest way---bien sur!  I had to dig around for some pictures and came up with a few--not super great pretty professional shots I am afraid--I took them long before I stole French Guy's got my fancy camera and all of the lenses and toys and fell in-love with photography---but the pictures are at least a good documentation of one of my favorite havens.....

Sadly, I was not great at taking the 'before' pictures, but trust me--it was old, had seen some serious 'lovin' in it's long life....But that said--talk about great bones (albeit a really odd layout, including a tiny kitchen!) and sooooo much charm!

If you are interested in seeing more can jump on Facebook.  I have commented on what I did in each room in an album called 'Maison Taylor'.

Mostly the 'make-over' involved painting and filling the house with French things that I love......hmmmmm...sounds vaguely familiar to what I am still doing in my house in Normandy.  I am a menace artist force to be reckoned with when in the presence of a can of grey paint....

But the thing I miss the most about this house was that it was often filled with some of the most amazing people that I have been honored to call my friends.... it saw more than a few garden-parties, BBQ's and impromptu Friday evening cocktail 'soirees'...... and that mon amis--is what a home is all about--c'est vrai?

A demain --- On the calendar --Big brocante near Honfleur.. Oh and you know how I feel about Honfleur!  

A bientot!