Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Houlgate

How was you summer?  Can you believe that it is almost over?  I can't.  But all signs point to that -- 'Les enfants' are now less than a week from returning to school, there is a definite chill sneaking into our still sunny days, and the brocante calendar book, my faithful guide to this summers brocantes, vide greniers, puces, bric-a-brac and foires at tout, with it's broken spine and dog-earred pages, will soon no longer find it's home in the bottom of my camera bag.... even though the dates continue through 'Janvier 2012' ... the events are thinning, the sales smaller and the towns further away ....  It's strange to so quickly go from three fabulous venues in one weekend to one ... and soon one a month....

So we ventured to Houlgate this past Sunday.  I like Hougate and there is a good restaurant there that makes great 'Moules Normande' and serves very tall glasses of rose.  It is a seaside town and it has a lively 'vibe', even on a weekday.  The sale was at the 'la gare', the train station a few blocks from the center of town.

I'm keeping this short and sweet and just sharing a few pictures of Houlgate.  The sale was good -- there were some good quality brocanteurs.   I found a bottle rack I was searching for, a bundle of old school scissors, a perfectly rustic wire and wicker basket, and wire 'wall' baskets for flowers that I think would make perfect 'shabby-chippy-rusty' organizers for an office or studio.  Cant wait to take pictures of them!

Busy week so far, though.  Petite-Fille has been 'moon-lighting' as a hat model for an Etsy shop owned by my friend who is living in Paris......there were three hats to model and photograph so she could list them on her shop-site. Take a look if you have a 'petite-fille' or 'petit garcon', or need a gift for the little cutie in your life--- her items are really adorable and gorgeously made and we had fun doing it!  Sending some Etsy-love her way!

I hope your summer is winding or has wound down nicely ... enjoy the rest of your week!  This weekend there are two good sales and hopefully some lovely weather to go with them!  A bientot!