Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trois Brocantes!

Wednesday?! Today?!? Seriously?!!  .......Non!  Il n'est pas vrai!  I have been so exited to share the people, places and things I discovered last weekend at 'trois'! brocante sales!  .... and now already the week is getting away from me!  You too?  I think so!

Heading into the weekend I had no idea that I would be going to three--it was a very pleasant surprise after having so many weekends of misinformation, few finds or rain.... in fact my only plan was to go to a sale near Honfleur and if it wasn't good, I could still take a stroll around town because as you know, Honfleur always puts me in a good mood!

But alas--so many good things to tell you and so little time!  So I will share some pictures with the promise and serious, diligent, focused, committed plans to finish the stories of the weekend sales tomorrow---after I have had a few cups of coffee, Petite Fille is fed, changed and dressed, Les Garcons have had breakfast and are dressed, the kitchen is picked up, the laundry is started (or continued!) the house tidied, emails checked, lunch planned, and oh......that would make it Friday already..... 

But I will try!  Je vous promets!   Until then a tiny teaser (or two!) Sunday's brocante was near Honfleur in La Riviere Saint Sauveur, and Monday's two were....

Oh, Monday was a holiday here in France--- it was.....?   It was August 15th!  Of course!  You know-that holiday?  August 15th?  Well who knew! And so there were two wonderful sales on a Monday of all things!... One was a 'secret sale'  (unpublished, not advertised....secret----shhhhh!) and the third and final of the weekend was in Villerville, just six minutes down the road!

So there--trois---fabulous!  What a marathon to share!  
Soon mes amis! Bientôt! Vite! De bonne heure! 

Au revoir!