Thursday, September 29, 2011

101 Excuses ... er.....Reasons..

Wow!  Last post was on the 15th!? Goodness!  But I have 101 really good reasons why I have been away!  Really!  Do you want to know them?  Ok... here goes.
  1. My computer died.  Yes, I know it sounds a lot like 'the dog ate my homework' but it's true.
  2. I got a new computer --- Ooh la la!  And she is ............F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.....bien sur!  But she is also new--and a tiny bit strange in an unfamiliar kind of way.  My son picked my new lap-top.  He is 12 -- a self-professed computer geek--a techie, and most importantly (in his eyes...) a gamer.  So my new computer has 'killer' resolution and graphics capability and even THX TruStudio Pro surround sound.  I totally needed that....sorta.
  3. My Dad purchased my beautiful new lap-top in the US and brought it with him when he and mom arrived for their quarterly visit....because I couldn't buy my lap-top here in France--because then she would have had a French brain, and speak to me in French....and I am not ready for that....yet.
  4. Continuing on... reason number 3--my parents arrived....le gros sigh.....tres tres contente......happy, happy, visit us for two weeks.  I had to clean my house around the clock for 7 days straight before they time for brocanting--or blogging.
  5. Last weekend my Belle-Niece got her sweet Prince Charming...gorgeous~lovely~adorable couple--and I was their wedding photographer.... They had a spectacular day--the weather was sublime, everyone was fantastic and the wedding day was perfect! Wowza!  I took 700 photos--edited to 245--and they came out gorgeously (I have been told)!  So lucky me--still welcome in the French family.  Imagine if I had blown it!  Eeeeks--no pressure there!
  6. Okay--so we are on six now, right?  Do I need to continue to name the remaining 95 reasons I have been away from Sunday Brocantes?  Because if you want me to I will.......
  7. My middle Garcon came home from his second week of school with the first snotty head-cold of the season and generously shared it with me and Petite Fille.  Snotty, slobbery teething, cranky, 8 month old--Oh the joy of the first head-cold! Can it get any better?
  8. Oh! and my French Civics course and exam!  I took it, I passed, I didn't get deported!  I get to stay in France with my sweet French spouse and French children for ONE more year!  Tres jolie!  Were you worried for me?  That would have been the end of  Sunday Brocantes--but then, a story of my deportation could have been so very dramatic--non?
  9. Okay, yes, so still here.  Living in France....going to brocantes....except...that the season is just about finished--around here in Normandy.  I think the outdoor weekend 'flea markets' continue on into the fall--but fewer....which is actually okay... I have my sources and plenty more things for the Etsy shop!
  10. Ten---that's 91 more reasons to go---maybe ten is enough?  I just wanted to prove that I have not been around because I am just flakey by nature---or lying on the beach---in this gorgeous late summer eighty-degree weather.....a few days before October!
Oh-- here's proof about the wedding thing....

Aren't they gorgeous!?  Seriously.

So all this to say--Merci beaucoup for your patience--and for missing me.....(You did right?!)  I am back, least 80%....which is probably enough....Honfleur brocante this, sunny, fabulous---Oh!!  J'adore Honfleur! ......don't get me started.   

Gros bisous mon amis!  A bientot!


    1. Yup.....I missed you, Cat! Missed all of your French goodness! lol! I soak up every single bit of it for my French country farmhouse styled home. So....I'm glad you're back, girlie! :)

      XOXO laurie

    2. Aw! You are very sweet to say so! Happy to be back! ; ) Now if I could just sort out all the weirdness of the new computer, find a great brocante and get our home-life (now that my parents have departed!)back in line--it would all be perfect!



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