Thursday, September 15, 2011

In Between....

Not to worry! I have not forgotten that I promised a post or two before I embark on the next brocante adventure--which will be this Sunday! Oui--Dimanche, bien sur! Quelle autre jour serait-il ?  That is of course if I survive SATURDAY which is an 8 hour French Civics course and exam in Caen--all in efforts towards the elusive 'carte de sejour'.....if I fail the test I am instantly deported.....I think.  Okay--maybe not.  But anyway--big, big day.  I will need a fabulously fruitful brocante on Sunday to get over it!

So this week as I frantically systematically and in an orderly fashion prepare for the pending arrival of my mom and dad (aka "Grandma & Grandpa")....I have been squeezing in some last minute projects and thinking about what I might share in between brocantes with you (as they are becoming fewer and farther between!) as inspiration and a tiny slice of my French life and how it has been setting up the homestead here in Normandy.  Some of the treasures that I find while out 'brocanting' never make it onto Sunday Brocantes on Etsy--- (Shocking! I know! But sometimes I do buy for myself--I just can't help it!) But I should also disclose that I have never regretted selling anything on Etsy--even if I really, really loved it (which I do most things I find!) Etsy buyers (and maybe you are one of them!) are lovely...I have made many a friend and I sincerely value the contacts made through having a shop there!  Okay--enough about you.  Back to me.

Two things just recently posted--represent my love for organization, with a twist of style....these things I would easily use in my home.  I have a bottle rack on my kitchen table for in-coming bottles of water, wine, juice etc....but recently after finding this grey one, thought it make a great caddy for magazine clippings waiting to be filed, or pinned up on an inspiration wall.

I love that the insert parts are almost 'frilly' in their scalloped bends.....and a second item 're-purposed' for storage....I found three wire flower wall baskets.

Typically filled with flowers and mounted to an exterior wall, these inspired me to suggest a more functional storage, office, studio.....

Bathroom...?  What do you think?  They are very chippy--could be left as is--they are a great sage green with a bit of rust.  Or they could also be cleaned up completely and re-painted....but I love the look just the way they are!

More to follow.... after many years of not-loving a cabriolet-legged console table in my bedroom--I dragged it out to the garden today to get a 'new-look' courtesy of my trusty bucket of grey paint!  I remembered to take a 'before' picture and it's already looking fabulous--so when it's done....more show and tell!  And it is already Thursday!  Mom and Dad arrive in 6 days!  Eventually--I will need to clean the house!

Hope you are having a truly wonderful week!  A bientot!


  1. You have a true gift with the written word...hope you have a wonderful time with Mom and Dad.

    Love ya!

    KCT :)

  2. Jumped over here from my stats... Cute blog!

  3. Hi Tracie! Merci! Please visit again! ;)



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