Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Pont L'Eveque

Happy Labor Day my 'amis-Amercains'!  Hope you are enjoying a fabulous ('better late than never') sunny and hot summer day!  Here in Normandy the chill has arrived and today was a 'normal' day except that 'Middle Garcon' who is in second grade returned to school this morning (It's not a holiday here!) and it was actually an easier day than anticpated for la rentrĂ©e... Thankfully he is in the same school with the same teacher as last fall--so far less adjustment than our first school year here last September!  My 'Oldest Garcon' goes tomorrow for his first day teachers...he is in 7th grade and he is not worried at all, in fact quite excited about I am trying to be all 'Zen' about it too!  That being said--I am considering taking this week 'off' from Sunday Brocantes and Etsy....just to be able to soak all this new stuff in!  New schedules, new pace.....but then again--whatever will 'Petite Fille' and I do with the quiet hours of the day while 'les garcons' are in school?!? So maybe I won't....

I will at the very least--post pictures and tell you about the small 'vide grenier' we went to yesterday in Pont L'Eveque ... (yes the same town known for it's fabulous CHEESE!  I am pretty sure it's widely available in the US... you should try it!) The town is about 25 minutes from our house. The sale was small and I found my most amazing brocante-find just steps away from where we parked the car!  .............

.........   This set of 19th century white enamel canisters---6 jars with lids--complete....and did someone say white-enamel!?!?  I am in love with it!

No, I haven't posted it on Etsy yet.... I am still trying to get a handle on, (and a few good pictures of!) the other item I bought, a gorgeous French bottle drying rack!  Which turns out to be not so easy (because of it's size!) to shoot .... but we shall see!

And finally--I leave you with a couple of images of my day--shared also on my other blog.  I was so inspired by the colors of the day ...

... even with the little rain and chilly breezes!
Have a wonderful, short-week mes amis!  
Hope you enjoy Labor Day and you are embracing the coming of Fall ... I know I am!  
A bienot!


  1. Happy Labor Day weekend to you!
    Love all your photos!
    Your canisters are so beautiful...what a great find!
    Hope you have a great week and everything goes well with your children at school :)

    Deborah xo

  2. Oh, I just love the canister set!! Wow!! Love the rack too, nice score!


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