Monday, September 12, 2011

Transition and Inspiration

Tonight, my evening began with Oldest Garcon pointing out, in my previous posts, the myriad of 'typos' that somehow made it though the multiple edits and proof reads ( and as embarrassed as I am to admit that my writing is not always perfect, it is worse to acknowledge that my almost 'teen' garcon's French is suddenly progressing at turbo-pace and he is leaving me and my few college course hours, community classes, private lessons and yes, an entire year of total immersion in the land of his dust.  Embarrassing.... humbling.....I can take it, I am big girl.

I did indeed take a week 'off' (more or less) from Sunday Brocantes and Etsy this past week to get les enfantes fully transitioned back into school and me fully transitioned back into a few peaceful hours to nap each afternoon...eeerrr...I mean undistracted hours to focus on household organization and cleaning and oui, bien sur!  Studying my French!

Although I did not get out to a sale or brocante this weekend, I will be posting several more times this week and share some personal projects that I have done with some of the things I have found this summer that never made it to the shop because they were so happily 'at home' in my home!  Hopefully I can share some inspiration and authenticity by sharing some decor ideas from my 'humble-abode'  here in Normandy.

For now, because even during busy times I sometimes still manage to venture out with my camera and capture the colors and sites that inspire my everyday life... I will share those images with you!  ... and say sincere 'a bientot!' and catch up with you again soon!

Bonne, bonne semaine mes amis!

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