Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October bliss....

This is my favorite month of the entire year... well yes, it is the month of my birthday, so that is part of it.  But I also love the first chilly days of the season, the fresh clean air, the leaves blowing around.  This past weekend was the first really fall-like weekend we have had--it was just gorgeous.

Here in Normandy the first true sign that fall is approaching is les pommiers which are absolutely loaded with apples--it looks as if they might just bend over and touch the ground.  Basse Normandy, where we live, is in the Calvados region--'Calvados' is an apple brandy, served both as an aperitif and also as a meal ending 'shot'...and it really does pack a punch!  When I am in the mood--I much prefer 'Pommeau' which is the girly-liquor version of Calvados--which is a mix of apple juice and brandy; milder, sweeter and not so strong....

This past weekend--the gorgeous October weather inspired us to make plans to hang around outside and throw an impromptu "Paella" party--not so French, I know--but we LOVE paella and have been dying to try out our pan that we bought at 'Sur La Table' in Seattle, right before moving.  ('Sur la Table'--French, non?)

Here's how it turned out ....

You may notice the vintage bottle drying rack that became the centerpiece for the table.  I couldn't resist using it--and that night it was fabulous with the little tea-lights lit.

If you think I seem to be procrastinating about sharing Sunday's brocante adventure--you are right.  On Sunday morning--after waking and recovering from the soirĂ©e of the previous night (ie-cleaning up)....I let 'French Guy' chose the venue for the day--a small sale in Le Havre.  Small?  Yes.  Sale?  Yes.  Brocante.....or even remotely 'French Vintage'......uh.....no.  I am not letting him chose again.  It was a total strike-out...it was a very well organized (and indoor!) junk sale; perfect only if you were looking for used toys, clothing, kitchen appliances, or baby equipment--not so much for those of us looking for shabby, chippy, cottage, farmy, Frenchie.......Quelle dommage.  'French Guy'--you are fired.

Well that's it then mes amis.  I would say 'tune in this coming Sunday'--but I am not sure what the day will bring--this next Sunday is my birthday!  Remember? Another reason why I love October?  So I may just have to be forced to stay in bed on Sunday morning where I will be served hot coffee and warm pain au chocolate ...surrounded by my perfectly behaving, bright and cheery 'enfants'....who present me with hand-crafted birthday cards that I read while sipping my Mimosa...all while having my feet massaged.......ah, well.....a girl can dream.

Bonne Semaine, mes amis!