Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Cormeilles

This may have been the brocante-puce of the season!  The fall season, that is!  Complete puce-bliss!  As I mentioned in my previous post, I was searching for a sale that was not in the books...normally I refer to my trusty-guide for Basse Normandy, but this one I learned of via a road-side banner that we passed last week.

I had never been to Cormeilles before last Sunday--it's a sweet little town 40 minutes from where we live, and I most definitely would go back!  There are plenty of shops, cafes and a few very good antique stores and brocantes ...

 This was one of those days when from the moment we arrived, I knew it would be a great day!  Why?  It was a HUGE puce!  It spread from one end of town to the next and within minutes the first thing I spied that I knew I had to have was .... wait for it, wait for it.......a bird cage!  Well bien sur!  (You know how I am about bird cages!)  So I bought it instantly!  It is a few hundred years old, has layers of paint on it, a few bent wires and beacoup, beaucoup--charm!  I found another one--which went on the 'dream-list'--it was taller than me and I will have it someday in my little French garden---I will! (But not today).

The one I bought is on the right! The one I wished I bought on the left!

Oh, and there is my 'Patisserie' sign!  I have followed it all summer--have seen it at more than a few brocantes--I have never asked the price, but I am sure it is tres cher, because it never sells and instead keeps showing up every weekend at the sales... I am not only waiting to be able to afford it, but also to have a house large enough to place it high on a wall.... J'adore!  It's for me....someday! I am certain.

Under threatening cloudy skies, we stayed almost 3 hours--trying to see it all.  In the end I came home with a fabulous large green 'herisson' (French bottle drying rack), a few red-striped antique linens, a wicker covered jar, and a white- shabby-chippy-perfect French flower bucket... in addition to the bird cage! (the little one...).  We even indulged in a little puce 'street food' of Merguez sausage and pomme frite....while heading back to the car just in time to dodge a few sprinkles....

Hope you had a bonne Sunday too!

A bientot mes amis!