Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunny Normandy!

I am happy to report that the sun has returned to Normandy!  I was really starting to wonder if I could ever make it out sans-wetsuit to another weekend sale! 

I must say I was skeptical of the little sun and cloud icon on Google Weather...To go to a large vide grenier in Blonville Sur Mer this weekend, I donned the outdoor-gal-sporty-spice-attire.......shorts, t-shirt, jacket, hat and water resistant running shoes, oh, and bien sur!  Waterproof  mascara! By the time I was dressed, had some coffee and got Petite Fille ready and packed for the adventure, the sun was just peeking out between the looked promising, and it was!

Desperate to completely focus on buying and not wanting to risk the distraction (and possible drenching!) of my camera--I went without it....and besides I had been to Blonville (about 15 minutes from home on the other side of Deauville) before and taken loads of pictures--so you will just have to go back and look for that entry, or just trust me on that fact that it truly was partially sunny, very crowded, and there were some great things there! 

Even aside from the sun and lack of levy-busting rain showers, I had such a tres-fabulous weekend that I think I am still glowing a little (and yawing a lot!) Soooo good, that I think I need a weekend to get over the weekend!  Not even one teensy complaint about that!  It happens to the best of us, right!?

Just starting to snap pictures of the treasures I found!  Take a look! And have a very, very wonderful week mes amis!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

When it rains.....

Oh mes amis!  Please no-one say I am jinxed!  Wrong dates, missed brocantes, inaccurate location listings, and bad turn-out---and now this!  R-A-I-N......not rain, or RAIN.....R-A-I-N!

That's.......rainfall, shower, precipitation, wet weather, deluge, downpour, torrent, driving rain, monsoon, pouring rain, damp day,cat-and-dog weather, mizzle ('mizzle'???)

Now before you all start throwing wads of balled-up paper at me-with boos and hisses---I tried, I really tried!  We drove an hour to Saint Aubin Sur Mer--where there was a 'Foire aux Grenier' with 340 participants---the largest sale so far!  When we left home it was drizzling...or mizzling....take your pick, but we expected that as we progressed the weather would improve.....wrong.

We drove through beautiful (albeit WET) countryside, all optimistic and cheery......we high-fived at our excellent parking spot (still wizzling at this point) we donned our rain jackets, grabbed our umbrellas, covered Petite Fille's stroller with a spare blanket....and ........

My guess is that there was 30 vendors still standing (ie--not yet blown away). The wind gaffawed at our umbrellas, the rain snickered at our lame attempts to stay dry--we got SOAKED in seconds, my umbrella was inside out from the wind, French Guy had a strong hold on the stroller just in case it took flight....

I purchased one item before he said "THIS IS NUTS! Let's get out of here!"  and a few choice 'French' words after that (which I can't write here--because, yes, my mom reads this blog!)

That's it--there was soon a mass exodus of the vendors was before 12 noon and it was over---kaput, done.... fini! 

There you to prove it.....I will not say one word about my plans for next weekend...I will take no chances.  I do promise however that I will be exploring 'plan B' options this week; there is a new small brocante shop that I want to go to about 15 minutes from home, I peeked in the window and the displays were very cute; some enamel, a bottle rack, a I will let you know.

Have a great week mes amis....and a big wet nod to my Pacific Northwest amis---I feel your pain!
(.....sort least today.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Bastille Day!

There is a little sale happening at Sunday Brocantes on Etsy-- Thursday, July 14th.  Sale prices or discounts for one day only.....

Have a look.......
Bonne Fete mes amis!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Dives Sur Mer

Wow! It's been one of those weeks that feels like a month!  It started with celebrating July 4th (French-style!) and moved on to our family adventure to attend stage six of the 'Tour de France'  and finished with a few wonderful evenings BBQing in the garden and celebrating 'Petite Filles' SIX month birthday!

Oh--what's missing?  Une brocante! Mais oui!---Having endured the mishaps and missed-adventures of the past two weekends--I had high hopes that one of the very large multiple 'vide greniers' in our area would glean some pretty amazing finds!  Admittedly I have been a tiny bit lax in this very, very busy part of the summer...I have neglected my blogs, not listed many items on Etsy, and have even cut-back on my long distance love-fests with friends and family on Facebook. (Seriously. That proves I am busy!)

So I needed a very exciting, treasure producing, happy vibe-y, jam-packed brocante to inject some energy into my weekend and give me the boost to get back to business! And......

 .....did the carefully selected venue in Dives-sur-Mer pay off???


Here's how it went.  Trois enfants and French Guy and I pack into the family roadster (our huge silver Mercedes wagon that I have recently (okay, just now) decided to call Bernadette.  Off we go--about a 45 minute drive to the 'vide grenier' that was supposed to (supposed to) have just under 100 vendors--mixed--the clean-out the attic types, the clean-out the barn types, and the semi-pro van full of the good-stuff brocanters.  It was a mish-mash of.......nothin'.  Not only that, but maybe these folks didn't get their second cuppa-java on this fine morning, because the Frenchies (and the few token Brits) were downright 'ronchon'
that's French for --- snarky.

Now had there been some good-goodies, I could have gotten past that part---mais, non.  But here is where the drama begins---someone else was a teensy-tiny bit ronchon---ma petite fille....and guess who forgot to bring her beloved p-a-c-i-f-i-e-r...?  Okay, I am not pointing fingers here--but let me just say his name starts with an Fr--has a -Guy at the end, with a ench in the with me?

But no worries--it is now lunch time, we are all starving, Petite-Fille is working up to a moderate H-O-W-L.....the deux garcons are in a really-really great mood--and said pacifier is most likely on our bed--in our bedroom--at our house......only FORTY-FIVE minutes away!

So the entire family packed back into Bernadette--in desperate search of the one, ONE, pharmacy-de-garde (which on a Sunday is the one pharmacy in the area that is open for 'emergencies') in hopes of buying one precious little pacifier that might save our day!  We found one 7 minutes away--that closed in TEN minutes......

Does this little story have a happy-ending? Sort of.  We purchased the pacifier, which because it was not her 'brand' was refused by Petite Fille, who by then had mellowed out a bit anyway, in search of the pharmacy we had ditched the bland, boring and fruitless vide-grenier.....and we had ended up here.....

.... in the seaside town of Cabourg....not a bad place to land, oui?  The day was saved by a yummy lunch at 'Chez Monique' where French-Guy and I split a bottle of wine and ate 1 kilo each of 'moules-frites'... took a long walk around town with the much more cheery enfants---and drove home a few hours later at which time Petite Fille--reunited with the right brand of pacifier.....took a lovely-long nap.

The End....... almost.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy...

 The Grand Hotel


Have a wonderful week mes amis!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday Brocante -- Honfleur....or not.

I was pretty sure I was losing my mind.... but I wasn't. (Thank God!) ... and I have proof.  This past weekend I passed-up what looked to be a great sale in Trouville on Saturday, in lieu of making plans to go to another sale in Honfleur on Sunday, which on this particular weekend was a much less busy day for us.  We actually did drive by the one on Saturday... and I drooled a little bit from my vantage point inside the car, but no, I passed.  We needed to get home to the 'garcons' and Petite Fille needed a nap.

So on Sunday, bright and early (which for us is around 10 AM by the time we get up, have COFFEE, breakfast for everyone and organized and loaded into the car, etc) Off we went to Honfleur to a sale that was scheduled to have 80 vendors.  Again, I will not gush and muse about my favorite town, Honfleur..... I will just say, I love it, it makes me happy.... most of the time.

We arrive at the designated location, the parking lot of the 'NaturoSpace' museum at the edge of town, and that old familiar feeling (the 'Am I losing my mind!?!' feeling) began in the pit of my stomach..... because......there.... was..... no brocante!!!  Now--did ya read the post from last Sunday? Do you remember that I had written the wrong day on my agenda and we showed up to find no brocante?!  Well three words for you --  Deja vu!  Oh, two words. What is going on? It was right there in my 'Calendrier Brocantes' book!  

Of course I had left my book at home and you can bet upon returning home I grabbed it to double check and thankfully (because I needed to know that I wasn't losing my mind) there it was---in black and white! 

"Dimanche, 3 Juillet; Honfleur-Foire a tout, brocante,collections, 19 e annee, 80 exp, Parking NaturoSpace."

I was right, the book was wrong!  We even called the info. number listed there and it rang, and rang, and rang.........

Well, there is indeed a happy little ending to this brocante-ing adventure or missed-adventure. (Aside from the confirmation that my sanity was still in tact.) There was a small brocante sale in the church yard at St. Catherines, also in Honfleur, so all was not lost.  It was small, with the familiar 'pros' and yes again--pricey, pricey, I bought ONE thing--- a trivet.  Yep..... a trivet.  A pretty little shabby, chippy iron trivet.

I suppose it could have been worse though. I could have come home with one of these guys....

I hope you all had a truly wonderful 4th of July!  This ex-pat dearly missed the friends, family and fireworks!   
A bientot!  Have a 'bonne semaine!"


The winner is.....!

The winner is....!!!!! Les gagnant est.......Elaine Small!!!! Elaine is the lucky winner of the sweet Mr. and Mrs. Salt and Pepper or...a $20 discount off any item at Sunday Brocantes!!! Congrats Elaine!!!!!!
Elaine had THREE entries---she posted names...she 'liked'.....she 'shared'!  Merci Elaine!  Thanks to all who participated!  Many more contests to come! 
Happy 4th of July to my American friends and family!  Thanks to all my 'followers'.... your support and comments mean the WORLD to me!