Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been away for the past three weeks! "Away" from being able to focus on too many things, but for very good reasons all-around. And now Thanksgiving has crept up, soon to be followed by Christmas and it seems like only a very few short weeks ago I was posting on my other blog about Halloween!  Just like that.....and then on to the next thing.

I have a few items to post at the shop and will do so in a few days--you see, it is not Thanksgiving in France.  (I know--no surprise there, right?)  But still we are doing a small ex-pat and 'chers-amis' little Thanksgiving dinner here on Saturday....squash soup, duck (hard to find a whole turkey) celeriac-puree, roasted brussel sprouts, quinoa, salad, most likely a cheese plate (it is France after-all!) poached spiced pears, and maybe a pecan-pie..... so happy me that I get two more days to work on all that but I will be thinking of friends and family in the US tomorrow... and having a little sigh....

So although brocante season has almost come to a screeching halt--last Sunday I was in P-A-R-I-S .... and caught a 'vide grenier' in the crowded alley shop area known as 'Passage des Panoramas' in the 2e arrondissment.  Just 'happened to be' in Paris---(sounds sooooo French!) to see a chere-amie who was in the city for a few days---and we went to the sale where she snagged some fabulous sterling silver flatware and I found a few lovely antique linens....

Paris is tres-cher.  I am lucky that most of the sales I go to are out in the Normandy countryside, but still there is nothing like the buzz of the city of lights!

Hope you have a wonderful, family and friend-filled Thanksgiving.  I myself, although quite a distance from loved-ones in the US, am over-whelmed with thankfulness this season.

By the way--I am officially ONE sale away from sale #100 at the shop!  There will be a few lovely extra gifts in the box for the person that becomes my one-hundredth sale!  Can't wait to see who it is!

Happy Thanksgiving mes amis!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunday Brocante ~ Blonville Sur Mer ~

This past weekend was a mix of everything I adore!  Sunny, slightly cool but not too chilly fall weather, Halloween planning, cooking, seeing friends....oh and a fabulous brocante!  What more could a girl wish for?  We returned to a 'vide grenier' in pretty seaside Blonville Sur Mer--check previous posts for details about this little town that runs along a gorgeous sandy strip of prime beachfront weekend homes..... Ooh la la!

At just over 100 participants, the sale had a easy strolling, laid back vibe.  People were cheerful, there was a perfect mix of 'used' garage sale finds and authentic brocanteurs....Petite Fille was happily 'worn' by French Guy in the baby pack as she has recently rebelled against her stroller, we even took one of our pups who was well behaved and feeling quite social with the 100's of other 'petit chiens' who were having a doggy-day out.  (Actually, in France, everyday is doggy-day-out! -- at stores, restaurants, name it, you will see them everywhere!)

I made only two purchases.... a set of amazing aluminum kitchen canisters and an antique enamel pitcher...which sold on Etsy within minutes of my posting it! 

The rest of our weekend was spent getting ready for our little 'Fete d'Halloween' which we had at our house on Sunday... we invited the neighborhood kids and some friends in attempts to convert them to Halloween--American style!  (and I think it worked!)  

I hope you had a wonderfully festive Halloween Weekend!  Have a fabulous week mon amis!