Saturday, January 28, 2012

Le Weekend

It's here!  Yes, it's Friday, but I don't mean just the weekend!  Yesterday when taking a decadent 'solo' walk around Deauville, after having been released an hour and a half early from my French class and being dropped off by my kind Italian classmate, in the center of town with some time to spare---I popped into a magazine store---and there it was!  Le Guide!  My precious 2012 guide to brocantes, vide greniers, fout a toute, flea markets, bric-a-brac, antiquites, collections, bourses....And I really truly think it is an inch thicker than last year!

The 'season' really gets going in mid March, but some of the smaller venues and the 'Pros' get going in the next few weeks.  The weather here in Normandy is still a bit dicey.  Although we have S-U-N today and it should stick around for the weekend....and anyway, as you might recall from last year, the sales do go on rain or shine (or monsoon or shine in the summer!)

'French Guy' and I recently took a walk around Honfleur, the sun was shining on that day too, but you can't see from the pictures that it was très froid! I found a few very good Brocante shops there and I will be going there this weekend to search for a few things from my list.  On Saturday we are going to a small brocante in Deaville--it's one of the first outside brocantes of the season.

So it will be a great weekend here, rain or shine!  Oh, I didn't mention that 'French Guy' and I have a long overdue 'date-night' this weekend too!  At our favorite restuarant, 'Le Cottage'....... Which looks like this.....
I'm really looking forward to it--the food is simple, fresh and delicious-- and the atmosphere is chic and eclectic ..... J'adore!

Hope you have a truly fabulous weekend too,
mes amis!