Monday, February 13, 2012

Bring on 'le printemp'!

Okay--yes, it's me here--"snow-lover"..... but now it's raining.  Which is good because that means it is warmer!  I will take what I can get.  Give me lovely flakey-dry gorgeous snow--or give me SPRING!  Nothing in-between, merci beaucoup!  I am pretty sure that our little mini-blizzard of a week ago has done-in my bulbs...the daffodils and the hiyacinths were just popping up about a half inch before the cold snap and then they were buried under ice and snow for the last 10 days....probably not good.

So here is a quick post if you too are in need to bring some spring inside....  quick because my time is not my own these days.  Today was the official first day of the two-week school 'vacance' for les enfants...which means I am 100 percent cook, cleaner, entertainer, peace-maker, and otherwise mommy-slave for the next 14 days---so yes, it is just before midnight and here I am..... but enough about 'moi'.... here is a little fun project if you have a few vintage jars and spring bulbs to add cheer to your kitchen table....

Actually, any type of jar will do.....  can't wait to see these beauties bloom!  

Happy dreaming of  SPRING mes amis!  
I'll be back as soon as I can!