Friday, February 24, 2012

Petite étagère chapeau...

At the snowy-brocante in Touques a few weeks ago, I spotted this old, worn and very charming hat-shelf.  I normally gravitate towards paler, white-washed or faded pieces, so I am not exactly sure why this little shelf grabbed me, but I think it was the deep black chippy paint and the crooked, rusty hardware that caught my eye.

To snap a few shots of it for the shop, I temporarily hung it on my wall over my little desk in my bedroom. Then of course I had to hang a few things on it and see how it looked holding a few books and other things.......

Well it's still there on that wall. Looking rustic and charming.....and there I think it will stay.  Sometimes it just fits.  
You know what I mean?

Hope you are having a great week mes amis!  Can you believe it's already Friday?  I still owe you the story of my 'not-new' new old table....I haven't forgotten.

Bon weekend!  See you again soon!