Monday, February 6, 2012


Happy Monday mes amis!  Yesterday I had planned on going to a small brocante in Honfleur... I was also hoping to go pick-up two wire baskets that a vintage shop is holding for me.....but alas--it was not to be!  Because of the S-N-O-W!  Yes!  Snow!  You know how long I have waited for it!  And even though it derailed my brocanting plans--it made for a gorgeous quiet countryside walk.... 

There was no driving.  We don't have the big husky plows where I am to clear the roads or spread sand or salt--a few tractors with shovels, but for the most part everyone stays in.... again, fine by me, and I was sure that even if I made the trek in my little car, that does not like snow--there would be no brocante there anyway.  The sale I am sure, was snowed-out.

I left the boys at home and while 'Petite Fille' napped, and soup warmed on the stove-top, and I went out as far as I could walk from our place to see how the gorgeous white-stuff had decorated our neighborhood.....

I love a good 'snow-day'!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend--snow or not.  

Bonne Semaine mes amis!


  1. Oh, Cat, I'm glad you finally got your snow. The photos are pure eye romantic. There's something about snow that does just that! There will be plenty of brocantes in the spring.

  2. You live in the most beautiful place, Cat! I truly enjoy seeing photos of your gorgeous neighborhood! :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. Merci mes amis! I adore the snow! I don't need very much to make me happy!

    There is at least one brocante every weekend now until it picks up and the larger sales in more towns begin the spring/summer schedule, so I knew that I could miss one to enjoy the winter-wonderland!

    Bonne semaine! Merci for your comments!


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