Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunday Brocante ~ Deauville ~

We are at the end of the two-week school 'vacances' (which I think is referred to as 'les vacances du ski') but I think for us it was 'les vacances du--stomach flu'--quelle dommage!  Les garcons need to work on their timing a bit--it is better to be down and out with the flu during the school week -- not during the vacation!

Now almost fully recovered, they have a few more days of schedule-less bliss. (read--way too many hours playing video games and watching action movies with Daddy, snacking 'round the clock and staying in Pj's until well past noon....).  Enough to hold them over until the next vacances--in France there is a vacances every month except March. ( I think it's a total of 70 vacation days per school year!--not counting summer!)

But for those of us NOT on vacation -- I finished 'Middle Garcon's' extreme bedroom make-over (he is eight--it wasn't high on his list of priorities for the vacation--but it was on mine!)  I was able to chip away a little on one of my writing projects, got an amazing and fabulous 'new' table for my dining room that required a semi-makeover of that room.....let's see-- it feels like there should be more....

Ah yes!  Back to brocante season!  This weekend's brocante was not on Sunday.  In fact, looking at the 2012 schedule--most of the good Spring ones are on Samedi.  Maybe I will need to change my name to Saturday Brocantes......

So today's brocante was in Deauville.  My cher-in-laws live there.  Of course Belle-Mother-in-Law came along.  Do you remember last year that I told you she is a shark when it comes to negotiating?  Seriously, look out.  Don't be fooled by the trés jolie-demeanor and sweet face.... I have seen her make vintage dealers weep.......

French Guy was along as usual.  He is head 'Monkey-Handler'.  Petite Fille is by the way, becoming an excellent 'spotter'---notice how she is pointing with her little mouth in an "O".....   saying "Oooooo regarde Maman!"

I won't tell you this week what I can home with.  Just keep an eye on the shop and see what surfaces in the coming weeks.  One thing is in one of these pictures and it is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!

Have a wonderful week!  Enjoy your 'vacances' if you have one! 

A bientot, mes amis!