Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Brocante ~ Touques ~

So the snow I was so completely blissed-out about last Sunday?  Still here.  I don't think one single tiny flake of it has melted, Ce n'est pas possible...because it has been below freezing here (WAY below freezing here!) for the past seven days.  If I sound a tiny bit grumpy-- it's only because although I adore la niege--the bone-chilling, teeth chattering cold?......Not so much.  Ironic, I know.

When we woke up this morning, the thermometer read - 11C degrees....minus-eleven-degrees.  That is about 12F.....C-O-L-D.  But the sun looked like it might try to sneak out between the clouds and we figured that might get us right up to freezing--so we made plans to get over to the brocante in near-by Touque...only 10 minutes from our home.

Do they look cold enough?

There were only a half a dozen vendors there--normally there would be double, due to the weather I am sure.  The snow served as a backdrop for some of items displayed....

But the cold also gave us an excuse to duck into a little brocante-shop also in the village square to take a quick look around and thaw-out.  The shop-owner was lovely and I took a few pictures while French Guy chatted with her and juggled our bundled-Petite Fille so I could look around.

 It is a small shop but she has some wonderful things! 


This hotel board caught my eye!  Fabulous-don't you think?  It was a bit over my budget (a big-bit) and I would have a hard time listing it in the shop when I have the PERFECT wall for it in my house!

I was happy that we ventured out, sniffles, cold toes and all.  I found a few great pieces to add to the shop this week--as well as a few more to add to the 'Wish List' for next time!  That hotel board.....?  J'adore!  That one is for 'moi'!

Have a wonderful week ahead mes amis!  
Stay warm wherever you are....


  1. And I thought it was frigid here in Kentucky at 19 degrees this morning! Thanks for taking me to the brocantes vicariously through your lovely blog. Can't wait to see the "goodies" you list in your Etsy shop. I love the hotel board,too. It's too cool.

  2. Wow what a treasure trove - how lucky to have such beauties almost on your doorstep! Warm hugs from Australia - which has been raining for almost a month now! F


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