Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daylight and other savings!

Bon Dimanche mes amis!  A very quick post to bring you up to date on all of the Anniversary celebration fun and to give you a 'petite' glimpse of the brocante this week!

First ... Don't miss the GIVE-AWAY chance to win three French Life fine-art prints by Sunday Brocantes.  Click here to catch-up and enter if you missed it! 

With less than a dozen entries so far -- the odds are good!  
The drawing for the give-away is next Sunday!

Next ... last week there was a 10% discount and this week, until Sunday, April 1st, as a special thanks to my clients who purchased from me during the first 'season' of  my shop --- if you are a SECOND time (or more!) buyer--you can use discount code 'Annee20' to take 20% --- TWENTY percent off any purchase from Sunday Brocantes today -- March 25th to April 1st.  

Just use the code when you check out!  This discount is meant for return customers only, s'il vous plait!

And finally!  Oh la vache!  We lost our 'Spring-Ahead' hour this weekend -- we are finally catching up with the rest of the world!  I love the longer hours of sunshine and we have had absolutely fantastic weather--sun, sun, sun and so lovely and warm!  Between the lost hour and the gorgeous weather that 'forces' me to spend long hours gardening (I know, rough.) I-am-exhausted! 

 So just a few words about the brocante this weekend and then I will let you go to enjoy your Sunday too!

LOVE this bench!

Great collection of antique toy vehicles!

The brocante in close-by Deauville was packed!  It was an 'enamel' weekend, with is coincidental to an enamel blog-post I am working on!  Although, I need no excuses to buy it and adore it!  Two items soon to show up in the shop, a white enamel kitchen canister set, and a great, charmingly-functional enamel utensil rack.  Keep you eyes open for a post later this week about vintage French enamel, too!

This is how I would use it!

Hope you had a sunny and wonderful weekend--and a very 'Bon-Dimanche!.... 

A bientot!