Saturday, March 17, 2012

One year!

It's my one year anniversary!  I realized this yesterday ... somewhere in my thoughts of St. Patrick's day and thinking about cooking corned-beef and cabbage, and thinking of other plans for the weekend, the weather and if there would be gardening or not...

I must have been thinking about a year ago and what the weather was like then.  (Bear with me ... this is how my brain works!)  So then I must have been thinking also about brocantes because with a full weekend schedule already, I had decided not to go to one (there are no 'local' ones this weekend and with the not so great cold and rainy weather I was thinking it would be a good excuse to pass.) Then I was thinking about brocantes I would have gone to last season .... when suddenly it occurred to me that I had just 'opened' Sunday Brocantes at this time, this very day --- ONE YEAR ago!  Wow!  (See? I told you I would get there!....long thought process and all ....).

So I will be spending the next week being all nostalgic and maybe even a bit sappy and write a few posts about how it started, what I have learned, how it is going now and .......... drum roll please ..... where I am headed!  Yes, there is BIG news on the horizon -- I have been holding back, waiting for the right moment to share it, and that moment is coming up soon!

So here it is for now;  365 days and 123 sales later ....

This was my first sale.  This little basket sold a few hours after I posted it.  I under-priced it....big time.  I ended up with LESS than 3 euro profit ....... but I was so excited for my first sale, I was giddy!

My next most memorable sale was this whimsical bird cage.  (It was also the start of my obsession with unusual vintage cages!)  This cage sold 14 minutes after I posted it .....FOURTEEN MINUTES.  To a gal in Saitama, Japan.  This was the first eye-opener that I would be selling worldwide and not just to the US -- and in my first year I have buyers in Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, the UK, Brazil, China, Canada..... to name a few, and of course, the United States.

And the third "memorable" (as in OUCH!) sale that I made in the first few days of business was the sale of these two gorgeous demijohns.....  Love them!  But that is not the memory part.....and no, they did not break in transit!  (Thankfully!)  But they COST me $300 to ship them!  I was $300 bucks in the RED after I shipped them.  Negative profit!  Live and learn mes amis!  
Shipping is tres-cher sometimes.

That might be one of the biggest lessons learned in the past year-- weigh everything, estimate generously for the weight of packing material so everything is safe and sound and hire a professional to pack and ship it (lucky me I have resident French-Guy that happens to be a pro-packer and international shipper!)--little shameless plug there! wink. wink.

Most important lessons learned in the first year of going to brocantes and flea markets and selling vintage and antiques as Sunday Brocantes .... do what you love for your day job, buy things that you adore, always pack an umbrella when going to a brocante, expect to find nothing and you will find amazing things, be happy when you don't because next time you will....
and speak French as much as possible ... and if you can't speak French well enough, speak bad-French...
 ... with a big smile.  BIG smile.

So that's the start of it!  It's going to be a big celebratory week!  I think I will do a little anniversary SALE, a little blog-love contest, a give-away ..... who knows what else?!  

Oh--I know what else .... champagne!  Mais bien sur!

Happy Saturday mes amis -- see you again soon!