Monday, March 12, 2012

The table story....

A table. There's a story here.  It's my 'new' table..... except that it is not new, in fact it is very old, and it's not even new to me, I have had it for a very long time, apparently.  Although I had no idea I had it.

All I can say is that .....

... At almost 17 years of marriage, you think you know a guy ..... seriously.  And then to find out he's been holding out on you?!  That you have a fabulous old and worn 'garden-table' that could be the 'piece de resistance' in your tiny dining-room, totally mixing up your contrived-style statement and causing a perfect mismatched, rustic unexpected and so much more-"me" style instead!?

So here is how it happened.  A few weeks ago, I made a simple statement....

" I need to find some old planks to do some food shots on for my blog"  
(food, by the way, looks amazing when shot on dark, old barnwood!)  

And he says, "Oh, you could use the old table".

....and I say "What table?"

 and he says, "You know, that old table......".  


So the story he is going with is that we ......"WE"....bought this table at the sale at the Catholic Orphanage last summer.  (This sale.)  But I was only aware of the HUGE 15' long table we bought that is still in storage until we get the 'maison de reve'  which will have a HUGE dining room to put it in.  But according to 'French-Guy' we bought TWO tables that day..... I had no idea.

So here it is!  Who would have thought that I would ever .... eva.....incorporate 'mint-green' into my decor palette?  But I LOVE this table....every scratched, dinged, chippy, mint-green bit of it!

There you have it. The story of the table.  Which fits perfectly, in my tiny home, and looks amazing and lovely, despite it's unfortunate color.  J'adore la table!  Don't you?

Happy Monday mes amis!