Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Planning..... again.

A while ago I decided that I was experiencing complete 'Day-Planner' failure.  As my 8 year old would say...."Epic failure".....  When my life feels too complicated, things are getting forgotten, the to-do list is not getting accomplished, and mind-blowing creative thoughts are falling by the wayside.... I blame my "Day Planner"...... don't you?

Surely it is not about ME... moi?!?  It cannot possibly be that I am not organized and am failing to document and prioritize.....  non. non. non. Ce n'est pas possible!

So despite having a kinda cute calendar, day-book thingy already that I began in January---a French foodie one that has the basic calendar pages and pretty pictures of yummy food and recipes in French....I went in search of something different..in hopes of saving the day, the weeks ....and all of those forgotten appointments.

It's tough to find a day planning calendar book in mid April.  They normally are printed to start in December/January or the student type runs from August to August.  Hence my search for something I could do on my own and completely set up the way I needed it to be.

The result was finding a little shop on Etsy called Droplet  who have created a print at home DIY Planner/Calendar.  I ordered the PDF on line and it was emailed to me the next day.

It took about an hour to read the instructions, chose my options and print it and about an hour more to sew the binding and finish it (including the time it took to watch a fewYouTube videos on "Italian Book Binding"...!)

All in all a totally fun project!  And the best news?  It works!!!  I am now once again highly organized, right on top on my priorities, remembering every single appointment and special day, way ahead on meal planning, answering emails, balancing my check book, and keeping track of all of my blogging ideas.... completely!  ....absolutely.    .....almost.

Well, sorta.

But it was fun--and just what I needed for a fresh new-year start!

In April.

Happy Tuesday mes amis!