Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday Brocantes -- boot camp style.

The 'season' for brocantes is officially in full swing!  It is so fun to have a long list of several per weekend and the anticipation of what might be found!  Anticipation mixed with .....  well, wow.  Where should I begin?  Spring weather is a dicey and very changing variable here in Normandy.  It reminds me a bit of the PNW....if you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes for it to change to something else.

My parents were still here, and we decided to squeeze in one or two sales yesterday.  Although not as fiercely devoted to the 'game' as my Belle-Mother-in Law is... my mom enjoys a good brocante and both of my parents are very supportive and interested in my career as a vintage seller.  So we set off for Bénouville, about an hour from home, under patchy sunny skies and cool breezes.

When we arrived, within seconds of parking the wind came up, the sky turned black and the temps dropped 15 degrees....instantly.  Umbrellas were uselessly blown inside out and Petite Fille was wailing from inside of her partial shelter in the stroller.


There were 150 vendors scheduled to be there.  We spent about 7 minutes there in the gusting winds and freezing cold rain, bought ONE thing and we were outta there!

Re-grouping and trying to feel our cheeks and toes again in the warm car, we decided to hit the road towards home and stop at one more brocante in Le Home - Varaville.  This one was tucked behind a large church, the sun was shining again, we left Petite Fille in the car with the grandparents and we 'speed-shopped' taking a 15 minute walk through the sale.

Fifteen-totally-worth-it-minutes.  We found two extraordinary 19th century pottery bowls; one large yellow 'cream bowl' and the other with a rich brown glaze.  Utilitarian, farm bowls from the mid to late 1800's...... gorgeous.

You might ask "Do you ever buy anything that you DON'T love??"  The answer is, "Probably not".  I don't often look to see what other French vintage shops are selling.  I most always just choose from the heart.  Occasionally I am on the hunt for something specific that I have asked to find ... but most of the time, I buy what makes my heart skip.  These bowls certainly do!

So despite the pretty horrible weather, the long drive and dashed hopes of spending a long leisurely Sunday strolling through a brocante with my parents on their last day.... the first few brocante weekends of the season are like 'boot-camp'.... you have to be tough, dress warmly (and waterproof!) be diligent to find the 'good' things .... have a good attitude, and sooner or later, the sun will come out again!

Oh, and having babysitters to watch the baby in the car during the rain-storms, is a pretty good plan too!

A beintot mes amis!  Happy Spring!