Monday, April 30, 2012

Cages, baskets and racks ... Oh my!

 Oh where to start!?  I am still feeling the residual 'buzz' of the perfectly fun day I had yesterday going with my 'Belle-Niece' to a HUGE brocante in Touques.  I have no idea how I missed this one last year!  (Well, maybe it was weather-related ....)  But this time it was on the calendar, with 300.....THREE HUNDRED, vendors scheduled to have stands.  It was a 'vide grenier/brocante' which means it is all sorts of things; pulled from the attic or shed with a mix of the really good vintage dealers.

After the rough weeks we have had, both family and weather-wise, I decided to go with my niece and French-Guy would stay at home with Petite-Fille.  She is finally fully recovered from a strange and extreme illness--so we are counting our blessings and not pushing for her to be out with us in the rain, wind and hail.... at least for a while!

I didn't even take my camera!  Just cash-in-pocket, donning the rain-gear and taking a seriously large umbrella .... which actually would have been blown all the way to China had I not left it in the car.

So 'Belle-Niece' and I braved the elements and found AMAZING things --- and as it turned out not only is she fabulously sweet and fun company to have along -- she shows promise to be an excellent negotiator!

I fell head over heels for this little guy-- an antique plaster figure of a stork with a little frog from the La Fontaine tale of the Stork and the Fox.

 .... a wooden 'ring-toss' game ....

and if you search in the pictures ... the most gorgeous deep green antique bird cage!

I found three stacked vintage 'apple racks' used to keep apples in cool storage, a few bottle racks, and a very rusty and rustic (and so cool!) oyster basket! .... to name a few favorites of the day!

We were there for three hours, and then we jumped in the car and went to one more sale in Point L'Eveque.. a very fancy dealer's show with gorgeous displays.. and it was INSIDE ... well, inside tents anyway! 

Last night I was exhausted and fell into a blissful sleep! And today I had a little help in the 'atelier' ... 

A perfect start-- for a great week!

Hope you had a fantastic Sunday too!

See you again soon!