Monday, May 14, 2012

~ American ~ Mother's Day - French Style

It was not Mother's Day in France yesterday.  The  fête des Mères here is on the 27th.  So call yesterday a 'dry-run' because I fully intend on celebrating again in a few French Guy says, I have 2 American born children and 1 French one.... so I {deserve} both.  Deserve..... at LEAST two.

So although we split the day into a brocante in Cabourg ---HUGE--320 vendors, and then the rest of the day with the family....I am not writing about the brocante today for you but instead posting the most beautiful part of my day ....  my 'trois enfants'... because that is what really made my day yesterday .....

(...That and the 'Moules Provencal' that French Guy made for lunch after the brocante ..... and the Mimosa I had in the sunshine out in the garden.... and a walk later to the beach .... )

I am grateful to God that not only did He bless me with my own wonderful mom who put three children and a husband ahead of everything else ... but also that I have been blessed to have these three-monkeys in my life... 

They make my day....EVERY DAY. 

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a lovely day yesterday too!