Friday, May 4, 2012

Jeu de Tarot

In a pile of 'found-things' French Guy came up with this set of French Tarot cards.  I didn't pay too much notice to them at first, thinking that it was just and old stack of playing cards until a few days later, I started to look through them and became interested in the little printed scenes.

Also called 'Tarot Nouveau' a set of  78 cards like this was intended not for divination, but was created solely for gaming. These bourgeois cards became popular in France in the late 19th century, and this set is most likely from the 1960's.

The scenes, or 'major-arcana' on the 21 trump cards in the set depict scenes representing four ages: childhood, youth, maturity, old age.

 ..... three times of day; afternoon, evening and night ....

The elements, the leisures, and the seasons ...

Two scenes on each card; one urban and one rural.

The images are sweet enough to frame so as a temporary display so that they could be enjoyed without being altered... I strung them clothesline-style on a web of jute, in an inexpensive frame painted black.

This way I can change them out and take them down when I want, with the cards still intact... and who knows, maybe someday I will even learn how to play with them!

Speaking of playing ...Happy Friday mes amis! 

The weekend is almost here!