Thursday, May 10, 2012

On to Honfleur ...

If you are a regular reader, then you already know how I feel about Honfleur .... and if you are not, I will still spare you the gushing of 'amour' for this little town....and you will just have to read back to fully experience my undying affection for this place, which was our second stop on our brocanting excursion last Sunday.

As vibrant and alive as ever, even on this overcast day ... it was a showing of 'regulars'; a group called 'Clafoutis'--who are scheduled each weekend in various towns around Basse Normandy.  I like this group of brocanteurs, they are 'pro' and also more expensive than the vide-grenier/brocantes, but if you are searching for something special you learn to network with these folks.

And now that I have been going to this particular group to shop for vintage for a while now, they know me.....which has it perks.....and it's downsides.  I can't blend in and be discrete as much as I would like and they know when I ask for a price, I most always already want it..... that the petite-blonde-Americaine -- is a serious shopper.

On this day, now also that tourist season is in full-spring-swing ( as well as brocante season! ) in the courtyard there was also more than a few American and English tourists... it's fun to eavesdrop .... and smile-- having a slightly different perspective as a resident in this country rather than a visitor and I truly miss hearing English, even from strangers.  It's good to get a little fix now and then!

When I came home and was editing pictures -- I saw that I had taken a picture of these sweet dragon-fly cups.  What was I thinking passing these up?!  I plan on going back to the next show and hunting them down!  Obiously--I thought they were cute enough to snap a picture!

I also couldn't resist snapping some shots of a few architectural elements in this pretty town.  For whatever the reason.... Honfleur feeds my soul.

... and lucky for me it's only ten minutes down the road from our home.

Hope you are having a great week mes amis!  See you again soon!