Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Brocante ~ Gonneville sur Honfleur

Monday morning, three cups of coffee, the sun is out, and I had a great time at 3 brocantes yesterday--if that isn't a good start to a week--what is?

My new 'partner in crime' my Belle-Niece, and her mom, who is my sister-in-law--came along to one huge vide grenier/brocante in Gonneville-sur-Honfleur, in fact--drove--so I didn't have to worry about finding the sales or drive (as an illegally licensed driver with a non-registered American imported car.... don't ask. ) ....let's just say--happy to be driven!  First to Gonneville then to Honfleur and finally ended the afternoon in Dives sur Mer.

I will only post today about Gonneville... we spent a few hours there and then after headed to Honfleur (~favorite Normandie city~) for a smaller, more 'pro' brocante ...

And then picked up my Belle-mother-in-law in Deauville and headed onward to Dives-sur-Mer for a brocante that turned out to be a 'puce' for sewing notions...

But for now -- only Gonneville.. and a few wonderful French vintage....

and amazing French antique finds ....

and  a really great day... spent with special gals ....

And as I said before .... Belle-niece is becoming a fierce negotiator... and even better spotter--she found both the 'petit bleu pitcher' and the antique enamel water 'fountain' and basin-- Wow! -- She is GOOD!

Super fabulous day -- and NO RAIN.....did I mention that?!

Stay tuned for pics of the very pretty sale in Honfleur..... next stop on the 'tour' from yesterday!

Bon Lundi mes amis!


  1. Beautiful finds - love all that enamelware, and galvanized zinc pieces! - Thank you for taking me to France and back in a blog post! I've just come across your blog, look forward to reading more. Alison


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