Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When the sun-shines ....

You know that expression -- "When it rains, it pours." ?   Well I would like to turn that around to say, that "When the sun shines, it really shines.... and shines."

When we went out to the brocante in Cabourg on Sunday--it was a sunny and blissful Mother's day.  I have to say, it wasn't even a fantastic venue. Large, yes. 320 sellers, but it was a combo of the 'garage-sale' types and vintage sellers, so although the prices were good there was a lot of searching and hunting, too.  It also was not a 'pretty' sale, and often they are not.  At least not anything like Honfleur was.......  Cabourg itself is a really charming seaside town, but the sale was held in the 'Hippodrome' (race-track parking lot) which meant that there was good access to interior plumbed bathrooms, but no cute-little-French-town charm.... a trade-off I suppose.

This time it was French Guy's turn, after-all, as much as I love to spend the day with my niece and have some girl-time--it was Mother's Day and I couldn't separate myself from 'Petit Fille' on this special day--even though she was a teensy bit cranky and we had to power-through the last 30 vendors---(she perhaps had other plans for the day with Mommy?)

But back to the sun ..... On the drive to Cabourg we passed a few fields of 'Colza'.  (Colza is the plant used for Canola oil in English).  The fields are exploding with the yellow flowers and are already harvested or were being harvested as we passed by.  Many times I had thought about stopping for a picture... and I knew this was probably my last opportunity.

We stopped at a field clearly marked 'propriété privée'.... and I decided I would carefully 'trespass' in order to get a shot.  It was also due to the heavy spring rains we have been having, a muddy mess and I had to carefully straddle a deep murky puddle .....

... and apparently French Guy thought that made for a very interesting 'Behind the Scenes' shot.  (Behind--yes, pun intended).

It was a great day.  I only got a handful of things at the brocante, much less than my recent outings....but with the sun shining and an afternoon planned of eating a nice lunch and hanging with 'les enfants' once home...it was glorious.

And when the sun shines..... it really shines! Here's what I mean.  Literally spring is bringing both new growth and opportunity for me.  I am in the thick of a few really amazing projects; writing and photography...in fact I am completely showered at the moment--it's positively pouring actually.  Bright, good, things.  Stayed tuned .....

Have a wonderful week mes amis!

 A bientot!