Sunday, June 3, 2012

French Mother's Day--Fête des mères!

Bonjour mes amis!  Today is fête des mères in France-- aka (for some of us) Mother's Day--do-over!  You see-- I get to have TWO!  One for my two American children (which was on the 13th of May) and now today for my one French 'petite-fille'....It is only fair right?!  But actually--to be honest-- this is Mother's Day 'trois'---because somehow we made the mistake and thought that French Mother's Day was on the 27th--and French Guy even bought me flowers for it!  So here we are--on the official ' fête des mères' and this one trumps the other two due to a very fun gift and more than that a lovely lunch with ma belle mother-in-law and soon--if  I play my cards just right--a little nap and maybe a glass of bubbly in the garden to end the day!

So you might have noticed that I have been away a little--I have been here actually all of the time, but  buried in a blissful way in several amazing projects!  One of which is wrapping up today or tomorrow and hence the lack of a brocante to tell you about!  I didn't go yesterday--I worked at a photo-shoot--and I didn't go today-- I lunched 'en famille'... a lovely and yummy long lunch at a bistro by the sea... on this windy rainy Dimanche.

But here is a peek at what I have been up to.... a food shoot for a local artisan restaurant owner and creative foodie who is doing a 4 book seasonal recipe series ...the first is obviously summer... L'été... 

Lots of gorgeous HOT summer colors ...

I absolutely love this project!  The book will be available both as an e-book and a print book, it is in French (mais, bien sur!) and I think it is going to be amazing--the author, Sophie is très fabuleux !  Talk about inspired and gifted recipe creation!  

I have something going on up next that will surely be interesting to you if you are a lover of all-things-vintage!  I can't wait to tell you about a pending kick-off of a ~ new venue ~ for Sunday Brocantes.....still waiting for official dates and loads of things going on before then---so stay tuned!  I will give you the full story and all of the details very soon!

Bon Dimanche mes amis!  I will be back soon!  Je promets!