Monday, June 25, 2012

Vintage French Café au Lait Bowls

Last weekend I was thrilled to jump back into the game!  After surviving the week with the sleepless and cranky jet-lagged kiddos and myself getting over sleep deprivation coupled with ten days of extreme single-parenting--I was ready to hit the pavement and put a little into the flea-market passion bank!  After missing several weekends of brocantes--it was high time to get back to doing what I love!

What doesn't surprise me is that the 'theme' of the bulk of my purchases this past weekend, at a brocante in Deauville, would revolve around COFFEE.  Oh, my best friend coffee!  How would I get by without you?!  Yes, I actually brought a pound of freshly roasted beans from a small roasterie in Boston back to France--for French Guy....which became part of his Father's Day gift coupled with a new grinder!


So when I happened upon a vendor at the brocante that had an interesting collection of vintage café au lait bowls--I couldn't help but take a look!

 I have been asked to sell café au lait bowls at Sunday Brocantes in the past, and I have searched for interesting ones, but truthfully in the past I have found only one to two... and never been attracted to purchase them.

 But this time.... the appeal and charm--won me over!

And I brought NINE home with me!

And the more I have them around -- the more I become hooked!  

I very well may just have to start a collection myself!

In the meantime, I have listed a few in the shop!  Click here to see them!

I love the look of the basic white one!  Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday!  
A bientot! See you again soon!