Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage Luggage & Travel Dreams

Travel is on my mind.  This week I am posting not from France, but from back in my original hometown, Boston, Massachusetts where I am visiting my parents for ten days.  It is my first trip back to the US since moving away two years ago, and my first time leaving France since making it my home.

Although I would love to say that coming back to the US after this long absence was filled with blissful travel nostalgia--more honestly I obsessed over strategic packing as I brought both my one year old and my eight year old with me and traveled from Paris to New York to Boston without the aid of French-Guy who remained at home with our teen who is finishing up the school year and couldn't miss out of the last few weeks of school.

Beautiful cases from Seabold Vintage Market

But even though I was packing for convenience and efficiency (this time!) -- when I travel, my mind still wanders to the more romantic notions of beautiful vanity cases and train trunks with lovely patterns and stylish details.  Seriously, what girl has not dreamed of a gorgeous ivory set of vintage suitcases to hold pressed cotton dresses, petite handbags, a couple of pairs of patent leather pumps?

Vintage French tweed case with bakelite handles from Sunday Brocantes.

In the past few years, vintage luggage has really made a solid notch in the decor world.  Stacked pieces appear as side tables in bedrooms, in entryways, even in bathrooms holding plush towels and linens.

I love this trend to up-cycle and re-use that also offers hidden storage and a huge amount of style!

Vintage luggage also lends to some pretty eclectic display potential! 

Collecting vintage luggage is a hot trend that is certain to remain over time.... whether it inspires dreams of travel, adds a vintage touch to a small space while providing hidden storage, or just gives a nod to romantic travel of older days....  retro, cherished, well-traveled.... perfection!

A bientot mes amis!

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