Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feel like shopping?

I absolutely cannot believe that on this gorgeous sunny (yes! your read right --- SUNNY) day I am inside furiously working on two exciting projects!  Earlier this year I mentioned that Sunday Brocantes was offering shopping tours in France and now as a team-effort with French Guy we have launched our website, "Tour de Broco".

 We are thrilled to offer shopping trips in France.  Hosted flea market and brocante excursions in Paris and Basse Normandy are an exciting way to discover France!  

We are currently booking a group-tour for October 2012 with limited spaces and individual tours year-around!

Your trip can include full-service hosting, travel arrangements, lodging and escort to the seasonal sales and local sources of French antiques and vintage treasures, acquisition assistance, and international shipping back to your home!
Click here to see our website: Tour de Broco.com
Feel free to contact me for information! info@tourdebroco.com

Facebook Page: HERE! 
More news on the SECOND big project I am working on -- Coming Soon mes amis!
Happy Tuesday!