Wednesday, July 18, 2012

~ French ~ Lavender

 Although visions of Provence come to mind when you think of French lavender, it does grow very well in the North, here in Normandy.

We have had so much rain so far this summer that I thought that my half a dozen plants would not be able to make one bundle all together ....

But I was able to harvest enough to make a few.  Yesterday during a brief interlude from our nearly constant summer showers, I snuck out while Petite-Fille napped and snipped as much as I could.

It was a battle with the bees .... and being allergic,  I respectfully give them 'right-of-way' to all the lavender they want.

I hang the bundles to dry and keep it all over the house.  I had enough dry bundles remaining from last summer, perfectly dried and still so incredibly fragrant that I put aside enough to fill a super-sized 'mason' jar to use for sachets and pillows .... and cooking!

I wish I could in-put a scratch and sniff widget into this blog post!  It is lavender heaven!

Happy Wednesday mes amis!  I will be back soon!


  1. I love lavender! I store my sachets (waiting to be sold) in my office and catch whiffs of them while I work. I'm always amazed at how long those buds hold their scent – years!!! Fingers crossed, the sun will soon decide to stay a while so your plants can grow more lavender ;)

  2. WOW, Cat, your lavender is so, well...purple! The color is so much more vibrant than mine that I just harvested. Mine is always a heather gray purple, if that makes sense! Hope you are doing well!

  3. Thanks Alex! I would love to get a late summer second harvest! Come on SUN!

    Kim--I am not sure which variety I have, but the English lavender is much less vibrant--I had a few plants when I lived in the PNW and then were not so purple as mine here -- (I even had white lavender which I LOVED!) I also let them open a bit too much--they dry better in they haven't exploded already! : )

  4. Very nice! The best smell ever~Cheers Kim

  5. I can only imagine the fragrance wafting throughout your house, Cat! Your lavender looks so healthy and happy - compared to my plants which are definitely suffering in this heat, humidity, and drought here in Michigan. Loved seeing your beautiful photos! :)

    xoxo laurie


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