Monday, August 20, 2012

Hanging on to Summer!

I refuse to start the count-down!  I am seeing posts on Facebook of a few friends in the US who are sharing pictures of their kiddos heading back to school!  No, not here!  Today I asked French Guy to 'casually' check the school websites to see what the 'exact' date for la rentrée !

 I don't really want to know.... I am going to hang on to summer until the very last minute!  I am currently smothered in sunshine, in the garden our tiny tomatoes are finally turning red faster than Petite-Fille can snatch them off the plant, there is about an inch of beach sand in every corner of the house.... and the oven has not been used for days because our outdoor 'plancha' has been fired up to cook brochettes of meat and veggies almost every evening......
Yeah.  Fiercely hanging on to summer..... until December......that's my plan.

 This past weekend yielded the first 'bad' brocante of the season.  "Epic Fail' as my eight year old would say .....  On Saturday it was in gorgeous Blonville Sur Mer  there were about 200 sellers and we went late in the afternoon (maybe part of the problem) but we found nothing there and returned home without a thing!

That was on Saturday-- and so on Sunday we decided to just enjoy the summer day, we had family over for lunch, and we had an easy relaxing afternoon.  Déjeuner avec la famille à la maison!

The kitchen helper!

Goat cheese and veggie stuffed baguettes.

Grilled veggies served chilled with a balsamic vinegarette.

French Guy's mom, commanding the 'plancha'!

Popsicle 'gourmand'!

Strawberry tarte --- I had three slices!

My 'cher-Father-in-law'.
 Without a brocante to go to, Sunday lunch at home is my favorite way to spend the day!

This week I am catching up on posting recipes on my food blog 365 French Days and then working out and coordinating details for our October shopping tours over at Tour de   We are now beginning the planning and booking for spring vintage shopping, too!

In the meantime -- more listings this week at the shop!

I just listed several new items including this vintage fruit crate.

I love the look of these rustic and charming stacking crates!

Hang on to summer mes amis!  

Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Cat- your home is absolutely gorgeous! I would be hanging on to summer as well if it looked like that! The grilled veggie platter looks divine- I need to spend a week with you to absorb that feel of a french meal. Thank you for sharing~

    1. Merci mon amie! I made the veggies the day before because it was supposed to be in the 90F's! But it was much cooler and a bit cloudy-so it was fine for cooking after-all!

      YES. YES. YES. You need to spend a week with me!!!! When do I pick you up at CDG?!


  2. Hi Cat
    Glad to have found your lovely blog! I'm holding on to summer too!(for dear life:), it's been mostly rainy days in the UK and now that the sun is out I want it to last....
    Love your beautiful home and "yes please" for the delicious looking tarte!
    Have a fabulous rest of the summer ('til December!)
    Fiona xx

    1. Merci Fionna! I think we both had a long wait for summer! You had a bit more rain in the end over there! Here's hoping that we both have amazing autumns--and a mild winter would be lovely too!


  3. We are heading into summer - so these photos and your writing really resonat with me. Long may it last for you. F x


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